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Trophy Preparation

Imagine you spend a life time dreaming of that one special hunt, moment, trophy or shot only return home and receive a sub-par version of the type of trophy you had hoped and expected, eve worse imagine you were the one who prepared it for someone else.

Taxidermy and trophy preparation is a skill, one that is usually handed down through generations and passed along from one experienced hand to the next.

Trophy preparation is often the most overlooked element of any hunt, after the excitement and buzz of the experience is still whistling through the air, the local skinners and preppers go to work, but this is where concentration is required and mistakes are often made.

Hunter & Hound Co have put together a comprehensive training program offering professional guidance in the teaching of how to properly prepare a trophy either in the field or after the hunt itself. Our training programs can be both offered either at Hunting Ranches or our own facilities in Pretoria and consist of either one on one or group session training.

Advanced and general training can be offered depending on the individuals capabilities. Our training programs are open for all individuals, they can be offered in several languages and consist of around two full days training

Persons who may be interested in taking one of our courses are as follows: