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Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

Use of Site(Disclaimer)

By using Hunter And Hound Co’s (Referred to herein as H&H) website, you automatically agree to our terms & conditions, if you do not agree, please refrain from using our website.

Since Hunter and Hound Co promotes some sports or recreational activities that may be dangerous, we cannot be hold responsible for and liability that arises by using our products. We recommend proper training when using our products, so that the sport/recreation can be done safe & enjoyable. 

1) Hunter and Hound Co is a registered trademark, and any logo’s, images or banners found on the website remains the property of the company, you may only download for non commercial use.

2) Any images found on H&H site are for illustration purposes only, it can’t be used as an actual indication of how the products looks, as that may differ from product to product 

3) H&H uses cookies in the website to promote products that you may be interested in, this can be disabled.

4) Personal information you enter into this site will be used for order purposes only, your email will only be used for the newsletter if you subscribe to it. Your information will never be made public or be  allowed to access from third parties. For more information regarding this please visit the Protection of Personal Information Act on

5) Sign up is not required to use the website, but may be required to make a purchase.

6) H&H offers various payment options for an order, please visit out payment information page, should you want more information about this.

Pricing policy

At H&H we strive to give our clients excellent products and services at affordable prices. We want you to get outside, and don’t want cost to stop you.

Please note that prices that are displayed on the site are subject to change without notice, but are generally updated regularly.

Written quotes are only valid for 10 days from date that quote is generated. You will need to contact us via email or telephone for an official quotation on products and services. 


H&H website is protected by an up to date SSL layer

All payments are done via a 3rd party provider (PayFast)


H&H is not currently vat registered, it will be in the future.

Product Availability

H&H endeavours to maintain stock of all items listed on this website. Unless stated otherwise all lead times & delivery times are an estimate only and subject to stock at time of order. Full refunds will be permitted where a client has paid for their item and the item is not in stock at time of order. Kindly note that stock levels are updated on a weekly basis.


H&H make use of third party shipping company/s and cannot, nor will not be held liable for defective, late or lost items due to shipping. The company will endeavour to ensure that all items are packaged to the highest standards to make the best provision against any defects to products during shipping.  Shipments outside of RSA are subject to a full quotation and must be requested by the customer through the company unless shipping is arranged by the customer themselves


All hunting packages purchased through H&H are subject to the terms and conditions, waivers and disclaimers as provided and set forth by the owners of such concessions where hunting will take place. Hunter and Hound Co will not and does not hold any liability cover, insurance or responsibility for and during any hunting excursions. Clients are strongly advised to ensure that local insurance, medical aid, international medical and personal insurance cover is taken before your trip. Clients are and will be subject to signing of such waiver provided by the owners of the concessions prior to any hunt taking place which will duly indemnify H&H against any and all claims whether it be loss, illness, death or any other such related incident.