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Gun Dog Training

Hunter & Hound in association with professional gun dog trainer, Mr. Todd Lutman and the esteemed ‘K9 Tracking School’ brings you the most advance and in-depth Gun Dog training programs available in Southern Africa. Training is offered for both the Hunter & The Hound guiding you and your canine to be the best partnership you can be. Website by Future Cube Contact us


Gun dog training in South Africa is a specialized service offered by Hunter & Hound Co. Our team of experienced trainers understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with training gun dogs in the African bushveld.

Firstly, our gun dog training program is designed to teach your dog to retrieve game birds. However, our training techniques are based on positive reinforcement and the use of modern. We work closely with you to understand your dog’s unique personality and behavior. Therefore, we develop a personalized training plan that addresses any specific issues you may be facing.

Gun Dog Training Discussion

Secondly, of the unique challenges of training gun dogs in South Africa is the vastness and diversity of the terrain. In addition, our trainers are skilled in adapting their training techniques to suit different environments. We also offer specialized training for specific breeds, such as pointing breeds and retrievers. Therefore, our trainers use a variety of methods to help your dog develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the field.

Gun Dog Training Conclusion

In addition, we also offer advanced training for more experienced gun dogs. This includes advanced obedience training, tracking and hunting skills. Therefore, our goal is to help you and your gun dog develop a strong bond. In addition, keep a deep understanding of each other. You can enjoy successful hunting trips together for years to come. Overall, gun dog training in South Africa offered by Hunter & Hound Co is a comprehensive and personalized service. Therefore, designed to help you and your dog achieve your hunting goals. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs. After that, how we can help you and your gun dog become a successful hunting team. In conclusion, By incorporating relevant keywords such as “South Africa,” “gun dog training,” “hunting trips,” and “reliable companion,” this article will improve its search engine optimization and increase its visibility to potential clients.

Game Hunting

Bloodspoor Trailing and Mantrailing dog training – Tracking dogs can be classified broadly as either trailing or air-scenting dogs and tracking dogs. In the wilderness tracking & trailing dogs can be deployed from the animal or human last known point. Our training programs help to bring gundogs inherent prey drive to top level. We then begin to mould that natural instinct into the desired behaviour of a confident, well mannered bird dog. Through the development of conditioned responses and learned behaviour we are able to produce dogs that are proficient in heeling off lead, handling on command, plus confidently steady on birds. We work in unisan with the dogs as we train, giving them leadership and relying on their natural abilities.

Gundog Training – Bird Dog – Point Fetch Retrieve; Gundog Training, a unique operation due to the fact that we offer actual experience in the field where gundogs have full opportunity to point wild birds all day long. The ideal get-away destination for owners of GunDogs, perfect space and facility to work your dog.